Pumpkins Centerpiece


Its a simple centerpiece that doesnt require a vase but a pumpkin. Allen Smith shows how to take a clumsy winter squash and turn it into a thing of beauty.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. You know they are just big, clumsy winter squash and in the past we have used them for a lot of different things, but these days we basically use them for holiday pies and jack-o-lanterns. But I like to use these traditional pumpkins in a very non-traditional way by using a pumpkin as a container for a fall arrangement or Thanksgiving centerpiece.

All you have to do to get started is cut a section out of the pumpkin where the arrangement will go, remove the seeds and drop in a piece of well soaked floral foam, you know, the kind you use for fresh flowers. Now I am only using this type you soak in water because I am using fresh materials in this arrangement along with dried but if you are using exclusively dried materials you can just use ordinary Styrofoam. Now let's get started.

I like to use things like dried flowers, the seed heads of grasses, seedpods and fruit and throw in a few fresh flowers if you have them around. Just use your imagination. And look at the results.

Now the key here is to keep the arrangement low, particularly if you are going to use this as a table centerpiece. If you want something smaller look to smaller members of the pumpkin family like these winter squash to put your arrangement in. And if you don't have time to put something this elaborate together just carve out the pumpkin and drop in an ordinary florist chrysanthemum.

As you can see there are a lot more uses for pumpkins than holiday pies and jack-o-lanterns.

From the garden, I'm Allen Smith.

P. Allen Smith Gardens

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American Indian Prints

by dotti1011 on October 11, 2012 10:27
You used American Indian Prints in a small space; I would like to know the site where the prints were found. I think the prints was of a chief wearing red garments or red headdress.

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